Transportation Digital Signage

Digital Signage
offline compatible

Pyrsea is a complete Digital Signage solution focused on transportation means; buses, trains, ships.
Update your content with Wi-Fi or 3G, but Pyrsea can even operate offline when network is not available.

with real time positioning

Display your current geographical position using several zoom levels.

Custom content
with multimedia support

Keep your audience up to date by adding your own content like announcements, promotions, 3rd party advertisements.

Local Wi-Fi

Give your passengers the ability to connect to your local hotspot. Serve your own web content and monetize your public Wi-Fi.


Pyrsea can monitor weather data and display the weather conditions for the closest cities based on your current position.

Pyrsea in action (mobile capture)


Greece: +30 6973521062

Netherlands: +31 647413453